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  Good Herbal Night Cream
I am so happy with this product. It is 100% vegan. It has natural ingredients and there are no chemicals like paraben/sulphate etc. There is no added fragrance - it has natural fragrance of the ingredients used. Feels quite herbal kind. If you’re expecting a perfume-like fragrance, this night cream is not for you.
I loved the super light cream texture - it’s not sticky at all and gets perfectly absorbed into my skin. I have been using this product for a few weeks now and my skin looks fresh and glowing. Totally satisfied with the product.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 23rd June 2023

  It’s a good product
I have been using this night cream for quite some time and religiously at that, the glow that this product has given me is amazing. It’s lightweight and non sticky and doesn’t ruin my pillows or bed sheet. It’s my cult favourite and I am going to keep re-purchasing this one because never found a better one. The ingredients are all natural, the fragrance is natural herbal kind. This product is fragrance free which makes it perfect for my sensitive skin. I saw that they have some coupon for extra discount – check that out , a few bucks saved is always great.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 15th June 2023

  So nice
It’s amazingly light texture. Absorbs in skin quickly. Love the way skin feels soft and refreshed in the morning. Worth the try. I am so happy I gave it a try.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 1st July 2023

  It works!
Bought this sleeping mask for my mother after thorough research since the commercial ones didn't suit her skin and causes allergies. She was initially skeptical about this product but after applying it for the first few nights, it felt light on skin without causing any irritation or allergies. This product is true to its name and works wonders for the skin. My mother has been using this for over 3 weeks now and the fine lines on her face have significantly reduced. Highly recommended

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 9th June 2023

  Love it for my dry skin
If you don’t mind ayurvedic smell in skincare, go for this one, very nourishing and the presence of bakuchiol in a night sleeping mask is such an added bonus for getting that anti aging benefits

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 3rd July 2023

  Super Light Texture!
I love the light texture of this sleeping mask. I mainly bought it for texture because most of the night creams with anti aging benefits have very thick texture. It’s really light and absorbs in skin super fast. after few minutes of application, it feels like I haven’t put anything on face. I love simple routines and this mask helps me keep my night time routine simple – I wash my face with regular cleanser, dry it and put this sleeping mask. Also the face feels soft and plump next morning.
I am using it for a few days now and I am very happy. Definitely worth the price.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 8th May 2023

  Simple and Effective Overnight Sleeping Mask
A couple of weeks ago, I got my hands on this overnight sleeping mask. It was recommended to me by a friend. I am going to hit my 30s soon and was looking for a natural product with anti aging benefits. I couldn’t bring myself to use retinol because of the possible side effects specially because I feel my skin is sensitive and really did not want a new problem on skin. This mask has bakuchiol which is plant based retinol and that’s why my friend asked me to try this.
I am using it for 6 weeks now and I am very happy with the results. I could feel the softness in the skin and see the difference in the overall texture of my skin. There were some dark spots on my face – the spots which remain after acne. They have lightened a lot and I am really hoping these to go away completely soon.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who's looking for a simple night time routine skincare product. I clean my face and put it on before sleeping, just like a night cream. It’s that easy.
Just one thing – please use it regularly, if you want to see results. Use it at least for 4-5 weeks. It worked for me and I hope it works for you too.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 25th April 2023

  DOES WHAT IT SAYS (Gluten free as well!)
ABHA Sleeping mask does what it promises to be honest! I have used it and this is my honest review.
It has no parabens,sulphates,mineral oil,alcohol or artifical colour or fragrances.
-Helps with dark circles
-Helps with fine lines
-Evens skintone
Go for it as it is an investment in your skincare for yoursef.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 22nd May 2023

  Its really Goodnight Glow Booster
The delivery was really fast. got the product in a day's time. I started using it same day and fell in love with the product. its super light and non-oily. I have dry skin so I thought that may be I will have to put an extra layer but surprisingly just one layer was good enough. It hydrates my dry skin very well.
I have got textured skin - not acne but uneven skin tone.. small bumps can be seen if I see closely. My reason for buying this mask was even tone my skin. I am using it for last 2 weeks now regularly every night and I can already see the difference. my skin definitely feels much smoother and clear... I am soooo happy with my purchase. It really works. I can already feel the glow on face. loving it.
just one point - this product is really herbal kind ... made up of natural ingredients. It doesn't have any added fragrance. If you are someone who prefers fragrance based products then you may not like it. I don't like fragrances in products as that makes my skin react sometimes. So for me, this product is blessing as there is no added fragrance. It truly feels natural.
Definitely recommend.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 9th March 2023

  Very soft and gentle to skin
gives a boost to our skin being gentle and soft

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 10th July 2023

This mask is very lightweight and blends into the skin quickly without feeling heavy and thick. It has a mild natural earthy fragrance and moisturises the skin throughout night.Good purchase!

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 7th June 2023

  Softer and clearer skin
I liked the product immensely...u do not have to wait for three weeks for the results it starts showing the difference from the very first night...its easy to use. Being a sleeping mask it's totally hassel free. It gives softer, clearer and glowing skin. Should go for it worth the price

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 1st May 2023

  Love this hydrating overnight sleeping mask✨
I got this overnight sleeping mask a few days back & have started using it in my night time routine..
Since my skin is very sensitive, I opted for this mask as it’s infused with plant retinol - Bakuchiol. This does not irritate my skin but rather has a nice calming effect once applied. It’s non-sticky and gets so easily absorbed.
I love the feeling when I touch my face the next morning. Extremely hydrating and refreshing!

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 6th April 2023

  This actually works!!
I love this product from Abha. I have never used retinol product because was not sure if it will suit my skin. I was curious to use this product as it has plant-based retinol. Trust me I feel in love with this product from the very first night I used it. It has amazing light texture. I have been using now almost for 3 weeks and I can clearly see that small pigmentation marks on my face have faded. My skin looks and feels much smoother and soft.I am so happy with the way my skin feels and looks.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 21st March 2023

  Love it. Great product for night time skincare.
I was not sure of buying a sleeping mask because i always thought that they make your skin greasy which would be uncomfortable while you are asleep. but i am so happy that i bought this sleeping mask after watching their video. i have been using for more than a week now. i use a think layer before going to sleep. it soaks in quickly. the skin feels great and very comfortable when i am asleep. my skin definitely looks brighter, more plump, and soft after i use it. so happy that i tried it.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 11th March 2023

  One of the best sleeping mask
This one is one of the best sleeping mask I have ever use so far. It makes my skin so silky and soft,and also provides a subtle glow after use.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 24th February 2023

  Good Ayurvedic Night cream
I like this product as it has natural Ingredients like bakuchi oil, ashwagandha oil and other ayurvedic ingredients which are good for skin rejuvenation and delays signs of aging. It's consistently is very light and aa i have oily skin this a perfect night cream for me. It is vegan and paraben free which also adds up a good quality in this product. I really like it .

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 5th April 2023

  Dream maskk... love it!!!
I don’t use face masks often, because it takes so much time. but this sleeping mask is great discovery because i can just put it on before i go to bed and i don’t have to think about watching the clock for when to remove it. its totally pillow proof and the skin feels so soft and smooth in the morning. go for it.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 7th March 2023

I love love love this mask. It feels awesome on face .. Super light texture and great feeling .. Its like I haven’t put anything on face.. It just melts in skin. And when i wake up my skin is so soft, smooth and hydrated. 10/10 would recommend.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 3rd March 2023

  Awesome Night Cream!
I just got the product and started using. Its super light texture.. Totally non-oily. Loving it as a night cream. I don’t like those thick night cream. If you are looking for a light texture night cream , it’s the product to go for. And the skin was super soft in the morning. Loving it.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 23rd February 2023

  Superb sleeping mask
This is super good sleeping mask. It’s lightweight. It has no harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates. All ingredients are natural. I bought it mainly for Bakuchiol because it is a natural alternative to retinol. 100% recommend this product.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 8th July 2023

This product needs more recognition. It works really good. It has creamy texture and feels lightweight when applied. I use this in my night time routine on top of serum. It doesn't feel heavy at all. Skin looks glowy when I wake up in the morning.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 30th June 2023

  Very useful
Very light but effective cream, my search ends here, my skin is glowing in overnight aplication, fragrance is also calm,my skin happy and healthy, I love it.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 4th April 2023

  Perfect night care
I was facing dull skin and pigmentation on my face . Also wrinkles were also emerging. My friend suggested me this face mask as she was satisfied with its results. I am using it now and i am also feeling clear results on my skin as it is getting hydrated and glowing again and my pigmentation also getting lighter . Hope it will reduce my wrinkles too .

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 29th March 2023

  Love this newest addition to my night time skin care routine!
I have been using this product for almost 2 weeks now and the skin feels amazing. Its been officially added to my night skin care routine. The texture of the product is sooo smooth and light. Get's absorbed in the skin so easily. I can already feel my skin texture improved .. gonna continue using. MUST BUY PRODUCT!!

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 24th April 2023

  Great product
I really loved the product and the texture. Its creamy and light. Very moisturizing.. Value for money. Great deal. Highly recommended

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 31st May 2023

  Love Waking up glowing!
I just got my hands on this sleeping mask. it has awesome texture – perfect for my oily skin. the skin definitely feel fresh , hydrated and plump. This is an excellent deal.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 16th March 2023

  Love this Natural Retinal
Finally there is a sleeping mask with this super ingredient Bakuchiol. I have always been looking for something like this which makes you feel pampered when using and also gives results. Bakuchiol is superb ingredient and a sleeping mask is the best way to use this ingredient. I have started using it in my night time routine. Instant feel is awesome. The face looks brighter and soft next morning. I am soooo excited for results after few weeks.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 17th March 2023

  It's amazing👏
Really amazing sleeping mask.. Really works well on dark spots premature fine lines dullness😑 and uneven skin tone .. 👌 I love it and smell like natural ingredients and great thing is that it's parables, sulphates , fragrance and alcohol free. No harmful chemicals.. Really great product.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 12th May 2023

  Worth the price
I was looking for something natural with proven anti aging benefits. Discoverd this cream with Bakuchiol - the natural alternative to retinol. The best part is - there is no ingredient like AHA , PHA which makes my sensitive skin react. This cream is showing good results on my skin. It feels soft and glowing. I am definitely suggesting this product to my friends. Go for it !

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 22nd March 2023

  Best night cream
Love the night texture of product. It absorbs quickly and superb feeling after putting it on. And it has all natural ingredients and paraben free. I am loving. Finally got a good product for my night time skin care routine. Full marks to the product. Try it.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 23rd May 2023

  Light weight night cream good product.
I have been using this product for last 2-3 days every night. Love the way my skin feel in the morning – its so soft. I bought it as I was looking for a natural product. Its natural and there is no added fragrance too – feels awesome when I use it. Texture is light too.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 26th February 2023

  Night time awesome treat
I am loving this product. I am using it every night - this is the holy grail of my night time routine. my skin feels and looks brighter and smoother after I use it. my favourite night cream now. definitely worth the price.

Reviewed in India “on AMAZON” on 5th March 2023

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